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Fast-track local install for getting running on your computer or setup for doing development

🍭 Submit forms with AJAX

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public function addMessage() { ray($this->message,json_encode($this->message));$this->alert('success', __('Saved')); }
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public function addMessage() { ray($this-&gt;message,json_encode($this-&gt;message));$this-&gt;alert('success', __('Saved')); }
 namespace App\Http\Livewire; use Livewire\Component; class Notification extends Component { public function getListeners(): array { $authId = auth()->id(); return [ "echo-private:users.{$authId},.Illuminate\\Notifications\\Events\\BroadcastNotificationCreated" => 'sendNotify', ]; } public function sendNotify(mixed $notify): void { // Do things! } } 

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 use Maksuco\BizHelpers\Rules\NoLink; public function processTicket($api_key, Request $request) { //DATA $referer = isset($request->referer) ? trim($request->referer) : (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']) ? $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] : false); $domain = parse_url($referer, PHP_URL_HOST); $ip = $request->ip(); } 
 function contactForm() { return { formData: { subject: 'none', }, submited: false, btn_disabled: false, buttonLabel: 'Submit', submitData() { this.buttonLabel = 'Sending...' this.btn_disabled = true; let formIdData = new FormData(formElement); for (var value of formIdData.values()) { console.log(value); } //let formJson = JSON.stringify(formIdData); fetch('https://cs-contact.test/api/post/4/4?ajax', { method: 'POST', body: formIdData }) }, }; }; 

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Follow our setup guides for any platform, from local development to production environments.

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How the documentation is organized

platform has a lot of features and, as a result, a lot of documentation. The documentation is organized into the following sections

  1. Platform concepts Some extensions require frontend development. This section contains frontend-specific information that may apply to multiple extensions.
  2. Post URLs: Information relevant to specific extensions. When you start developing an app, this is where you'll spend most of your time.
  3. Contains posts with: a primary_tag of podcast

☞ Unsorted List

  • Appears
  • Post
  • Contains posts with: a primary_tag of podcast

🔥 Sorted List

  1. Appears
  2. Post
  3. Contains posts with: a primary_tag of podcast
selectorstring.glightboxName of the selector for example '.glightbox' or 'data-glightbox' or '*[data-glightbox]'
elementsarraynullInstead of passing a selector you can pass all the items that you want in the gallery.
moreLengthnumber60Number of characters to display on the description before adding the moreText link (only for mobiles), if 0 it will display the entire description.
closeButtonbooleantrueShow or hide the close button.
touchNavigationbooleantrueEnable or disable the touch navigation (swipe).
slideHTMLstring'See themes'You can completely change the html of the individual slide. See the Themeable section in the README.
autoplayVideosbooleantrueAutoplay videos on open.


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